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Provider Of High-Quality Butcher Supplies, Butcher Equipment, And Butcher Sundries From Smithfield Meat Market.


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About Us

We at Thomas Ford are a strong family business, and we have been supplying the butchering trade since 1890. Based in the world-famous Smithfield Meat Market in London UK, we have a strong reputation for supplying high-quality butchers’ sundries online and in the market.

Steve Ford joined the company in 1966, and he is the latest Ford to run this exceptional family business. Steve was proudly joined by his youngest son Ashley recently. Together, Steve and Ashley carry on the family tradition of supplying top quality butcher supplies in Smithfield Meat Market. We supply high-quality butcher equipment and butcher supplies to catering and retail butchers. We also supply the hospitality industry throughout the south of the UK and further afield.

What Do We Supply?

There is nothing we don’t supply when it comes to butchering. Ranging from packaging, sundries, display trays, and clothing. We specialize in providing butcher equipment and butchers’ sundries online, with a strong family and work ethic. We pride ourselves on the quality of our butcher’s sundries, supplies, and equipment.

Our sausage seasoning, meat glazes, and marinades are stacked full of flavour. Our ever-popular glazes and seasoning are based on culinary dishes from around the world, whether it’s Chinese, Spanish, or Portuguese. Our sausage products are one of the many strings to our butchering bow. We supply exceptional sausage seasoning, natural sausage casings, sausage meat sleeves and rusks. Visit our sausage mix page today to see our wide range. Our butchers’ sundries also include peach paper, vacuum bags, aprons, display trays and chopping blocks.

Why Use Us?

We pride ourselves on being a strong family business of over 130 years. We promise to provide you with only the best butchers sundries, supplies, equipment, and ingredients. We supply everything but the meat. Our dedication to providing you with premium butchering sundries and supplies, allows you to provide your customers with only the finest butchering products.
There is nothing we can’t supply you when it comes to butchering supplies or equipment, contact us today to discuss your requirements.
We know how important quality is to butchers throughout the UK, let us supply you with your sundries to put your mind at ease when it comes to prep.

Next Day Delivery

Away from the market, we supply our butcher’s sundries online with next-day delivery. We will deliver your butcher supplies and equipment straight to your doorstep, allowing you to run your business with ease. If you are London-based, why not pop into Smithfield Meat Market where you will be greeted with a friendly face and great service.

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